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By Andrew Drayton

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  • Clear concise, actionable step by step instructions
  • Suitable for beginners, small, medium and large sized businesses
  • No hype, No BS, just good solid training
  • No spamming or silly marketing strategies
  • Checklists that you can mark off as you go
  • Proven strategies that bring results

What's Included in the SEO Training Kit?

The SEO Training Kit, 1st Edition

A 250-page seo training guide comprising of 11 comprehensive modules, that covers in detail: keyword research, domain names, website structuring onsite optimization, content creation, offsite optimization, measuring performance and more.

Checklists, Action Plans and Worksheet Templates

A comprehensive collection of 33 ready to use checklists, templates, and action plans, all included within the resources kit. These worksheets are designed to help guide you through the optimization process.
Search Engine Optimization Instructional Training Videos

One of the most comprehensive seo video courses on the web. This training course consists of 11 main modules, with a total of 61 step by step instructional videos. This isn't just boring theory - I show you exactly what to do, through each step of the process. Right from the beginning through to the end. I actually build a website and demonstrate the whole process.

Is it really worth $197?

If you think this course is expensive, consider this:
  • Companies charge anywhere from $500 - $20,000 per month for SEO
  • SEO workshops can cost anywhere between $800 - $3,000. Then you've got travel and accommodation expenses.
  • Other courses online charge $300 per month. This is a one time fee.
85% of Websites Fail Because of a Lack of Targeted Traffic.

It's true. Most people that operate a website or an online business have absolutely no idea what they are doing. They throw countless dollars at their websites in hope that something "might work", and pray that they'll make some money. Guess what? It rarely happens, if at all, with most website ventures failing and resulting in total losses, or the sites are pulled completely.

It's unfortunate, but I've seen this time and time again.

Want to know why?

Let me tell you.

  • They've hired some gee whiz fancy web designer with no knowledge of SEO
  • They've spent a fortune on silly bells and whistles like flash animation, fancy graphics and videos which is actually hurting their performance in the search engines
  • The site lacks any form of search engine optimization and is ranked nowhere in Google!
  • They're trying to push an offer where there's no demand!

Then out of total frustration, most site owners start asking...

  • I've spent a fortune on this website, why isn't it doing anything?
  • Why isn't my site making any money?
  • Where is my site ranked? I can't find it in the search engines?
  • How can I get my site to first spot in Google?

Sound familiar? Listen, I'll let you in on a bit of a secret ...

  • It doesn't matter if you have the fanciest looking website in the world
  • It doesn't matter if your products are cheaper, better or more efficient
  • Infact NONE of these things matter if your website isnt ranked highly in the search engines

What REALLY matters is search engine optimization, getting traffic and making sales.

Dont Make the Same Mistakes That Most Other Website Owners Make.

As a freelance SEO consultant, I've listened to a lot of horror stories. Clients that have invested literally tens of thousands of dollars towards their websites with virtually no returns. Clients that have hired expensive web designers, clients that have wasted thousands of dollars on Adwords and other clients that have just given up completely.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

I'll be completely honest. I really feel for website owners in this position, because the truth is, for most of them, its not their fault. These are just honest business people trying to make a buck online that unfortunately have been led astray by bad advice.

Bad advice like...

  • My brother inlaw can make you a website for cheap
  • Don't worry too much about SEO, you don't need it
  • Just stuff your pages full of as many keywords as you can
  • So long as your website looks nice, you'll be fine

...and so on.

The reality is, that unless you get your search engine optimization right at the very start, you'll undoubtedly struggle later on. SEO really is essential in terms of ranking high in the search engines, and unless you follow a specific step by step strategy, your site is going to end up gathering dust back on page 45 in Google.

My SEO Training Kit Can Change All of That.

If you're now ready to learn how to do SEO yourself, and really understand what needs to be done in order to rank well in the search engines, then my course is a perfect solution. In this course, I cut straight to the chase. I show you exactly what you need to do - step by step, through the entire process.

This isnt just theory. I actually build a website, then demonstrate in point and click videos, showing you what to do and why. This really is a no brainer. If you want to learn how to do SEO, then invest the money, and save yourself having to pay some guy $200 an hour to do it for you. Once you watch my course, you'll understand just how easy it is, and can begin ranking your own website and making the money you deserve.

Here's what you'll learn in this course:

  • Keyword Research
  • Domain Names
  • Website Structuring
  • Onsite Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • Link Building
  • Offsite Optimization
  • Performance Monitoring, Testing and Conversion Tracking

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Andrew Drayton
Freelance SEO Consultant, Web Designer and Internet Marketer

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